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Blue Lacquer Chair

Great individually in a bedroom or living room as a statement piece, or use them at the sofa chair beside the coffee table. This light blue chair is made from solid reclaimed elm wood with a wooden seat. This style of chair was one of the first to appear in China, with pictorial records dating back to as early as the 6th century. The name 'Yoke-back' refers to the shape of the curved headrest, but the style is also known as an 'Official's Hat' chair as the headrest was also thought to resemble the winged hats of Chinese mandarins of the Ming dynasty. Our version has the same beautiful curves and detail as our yoke-back side chair.However it is slightly lower and has the beautifully curved, protruding armrests that are distinctive of this style.
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  Yu Cheng Ge Art Area, Shi Jia Ying Villiage, Mapo Town, Shunyi District Of Beijing City,China.
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