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Oriental Furniture with Traditional Craftsmanship

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Oriental Furniture with Traditional Craftsmanship

A Leading specialist in Chinese furniture since 2003 from Beijing of China.

At first our factory was called "SHANXI FOLK ART ", because the founder and owner of our factory is from SHANXI province, and later we registered a new name called: SU JIAN that means "simplicity, honesty".

SU JIAN offers traditionally crafted oriental furniture, as well as an extensive selection of restored Chinese antique furniture and other beautiful home accessories. The beauty and simple elegance of classical Chinese furniture and antiques are based on the pure, clean styles of the Ming Dynasty-China's golden range.

We can also make furniture to your specifications, customising color, size, and style.

Take advantage of special design, ancient workmanship, and modernized management, our products are exported well to Europe, North/South American, Australia, Asia with good reputation.

In order to respond positively to the policy of the Beijing municipal government to cut the city of all functions unrelated to its status as national capital, our workshop have been forced to move to Shan Dong province, but we still have a showroom in Beijing that is about 3000 square meters.

Welcome your visiting and expecting your inquiry on line.

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  Yu Cheng Ge Art Area, Shi Jia Ying Villiage, Mapo Town, Shunyi District Of Beijing City,China.
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